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Speedway Posters '19

Cracking open the crates from years ago ....

A time not too long ago when car swap meets were the only places to find the cool and rare stuff. That and the "Recycler".

A time when you called a person, heard a voice, talked for a bit , and made a connection.

And that was only 20 years ago.

The Present:::

There is an abundance of more than you can imagine these days, a few clicks, a few swipes, a text and email later, you send digital cash and before you know it the item is at your doorstep.

Too many people walking by at swap meets, heads bowed down, praying to the neon God they created. Talking to people from all over the world. 

So I present " Speedway Posters '19 "

not Speedway Posters 19?? . (1981, 1988, etc)

but Speedway Posters '19 (2019)

Get out the Digital Camera, take some pictures, throw together some descriptions and see where it goes.

Over 100 different prints all from different areas, events, and types of racing, over many years. (1900's up to the 1980's)

Going to have some fun with this.